My Beliefs

  1. Customer experience is 'the experience the customer has' no more no less: it always deals in the subjective world of the customer and its related antecedents (e.g., what we do). It is never about the sum of all touchpoints or only about emotion.

  2. Customer experience management is about customer value creation: we create value with the customer to which they exchange value with us the firm. Value can mean cost reduction opportunities as well as value adds and brand differentiation i.e., CX is just a viewpoint on value.

  3. All value is co-created: so co-create your way to better customer experience. This means a focus on how we nurture relationships and interactions since these are the source of value (see point 10). This is especially important in the digital economy.

  4. Customers include all stakeholders: in your value chain.

  5. Cynefin, Sensemaking (CTQ: 'more stories like this, fewer stories like that' vector measure) and CX design with your build and comms teams are fundamental: CX language and compliance should be used in your agile and executive teams.

  6. If customer experience management is not about change management I don't know what it's about: gather ideas not just insights from all stakeholders especially employees and build an innovation funnel. Use divergent thinking from outside your industry and ensure it is nurtured by the C-suite.

  7. Customer experience management is a mindset : recruit, train and empower that perspective.

  8. Customer experience management is not a panacea for all ills: sometimes, frequently even, it's not required i.e., be sensitive to context (see sensemaker based KPIs).

  9. Are you an experience brand or an efficiency based one: make a decision to differentiate using Treacy and Wiersema value dimensions.

  10. The platform economy is built on trust: Trusted Intermediary platforms are critical. The failure of digital is to believe in 'build it and they will come approaches' or 'treating the customer as something to mine, not a resource' e.g., digital recruitment platforms. We also see the 'intent' behind an action.

A lot of the current problems in CX are caused by systems thinking and a failure to understand that subjectivity is not the same as financial and mechanical engineering.

This failure causes gaming of data, misuse of resources (i.e., lets measure) and diminished job roles. Creativity is exchanged for 'computer says no'. That is not a statement 'not to measure' or 'not to appreciate STEM thinking' it is a call for greater balance and understanding of context. You need both styles of thinking and an appreciation of when and where to apply both.

This is the power of Cynefin.

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