Steven Walden
Managing Director (EMEA) for Strativity Group LLC


Steven is a CX exec I've known for a long while - and whose work I've known even longer - and is strong voice in the CX space in EMEA. I'm delighted to report that he is well beyond the cookie-cutter viewpoints we typically see and has the experience level to back up the depth of his work. His angle has been from both consulting and leadership positions. 

Luke Williams, Head of CX Strategy and Thought Leadership, Qualtrics

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A customer experience Subject Matter Expert, my experience is in CX strategy, customer success, service design, journey mapping, co-creation and voice of the customer/employee.   A recognized Author (CEM Rebooted, 2017, Palgrave), and speaker I have run over 100 customer experience projects over 14 years.


My training includes: Agile PM (DSDM), Cynefin, NPS and Journey Mapping Software (Touchpoint Dashboard).  I promote AgileCX and Co-Creation in the relationship economy. 


In 2013 I won the UK CEM Awards with Avios and have been cited by Forrester as Project Director for Maersk. I also have deep qualitative and quantitative research experience, rolling-out social media (Brandwatch), verbatim (Sensemaker) and churn analytics (IBM) platforms and methods. I have also designed emotional measurement tools.   I specialize in setting up customer experience functions within firms including toolkits and training.

Key clients include:





Strativity Group (Director of EMEA CX practice part of Lieberman Research Worldwide):

For the last year, I have helped Strativity develop their EMEA business, building a substantial pipeline of opportunities for Year 1 and into Year 2.  All project delivery is directed by myself as well as all training in Journey Mapping software (Touchpoint Dashboard). Clients include MNC in manufacturing, utilities and charity sector.

TTEC Digital (Director of EMEA CX practice):


Set-up channel partnership approach, CX training for sales teams, brand and community build, business development in CX with leading accounts such as Tarmac and supported insights with voice of the customer IP development (award winning CX Vector).


The practice extended sales reach through development of an integrated solution (customer, employee, customer care and analytics) into leading clients. This led to CX transformation work in omnichannel design, mindset and culture change and digital transformation. Clients included FordPass, Gemalto and Tarmac. Year 1, turnover targeting embedded base of over £400,000 without marketing budget and from a standing start.

Ericsson (Director of CX - MS business unit):


Set-up the Ericsson Experience Management Centre. This brought tools and techniques together in one hub to drive customer success. Included:

  • CX assessment approaches to co-create and define upsell/ cross-sell opportunities within accounts;

  • CX and NPS training for global sales teams;

  • Roll-out of CX voice of the customer analytics and insights methodologies (NPS, churn, complaints, big data – service operations centre - and social media)  for clients;

  • journey mapping and CX culture change.

  • The practice, delivered value-add to existing MS clients’ CX teams from (for example) KPN, Bharti Airtel, MTN, SALT, Bahamas Telecom, EE and DTAC Thailand. The strategy was fundamental to crown account renewal.

Beyond Philosophy (Head of Research and Consulting):


My IP work included award winning Project Design (UK CX Awards) with Avios; Forrester cited work for Maersk and my design of emotional measurement tools and journey mapping frameworks: delivering £6 million turnover in 7 years within CX programmes

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