''Voice of customer and employee will use fitness Landscapes, big data, real-time narrative and link to design through  co-creative interpretation'

Steven Walden

Close the loop between insights, innovation and action. Focus on Do and apply best practice frameworks such as Cynefin and SenseMaker in your CX Design efforts

Steven Walden

Every company involved in digital or other transformation needs a CX designer on their team. Someone who's whole role is to integrate different parts of the business on designing for the customer. Someone who has great VoC, VoE skills and understands customer experience without being dogmatic

Steven Walden

Steven is a CX exec I've known for a long while - whose work I've known even longer - and is a strong voice in the CX space in EMEA. I'm delighted to report that he is well beyond the cookie-cutter viewpoints we typically see and has the experience level to back up the depth of his work. His angle has been from both consulting and leadership positions.”  

Luke Williams, ​Award-Winning CX Practitioner & NY Times Bestselling Author


''The future of Voice of the customer and employee insights is to use fitness Landscapes, big data, near real-time narrative and link to design through co-creative interpretation'

Steven Walden

'90% of the valuable conversations you have are lost to the firm. Yet these are exactly the ones that will drive your business forward' 

Dr Olaf Hermans

"Customer experience management is not about managing every objective “experience” your customers have with you. It’s about understanding, measuring and creating “experiences” that customers value"

Steven Walden

Create and Implement a CX Strategy

Design CX strategies and operational models that put the customer at the centre

Design and Measure the Right  KPIs

Roll-out the right CX measures and apply best practice insights processes

Link CX to UX with Agile CX Approaches

Close the loop between your customer insights and innovations and your build teams

Bring Teams Together to Create Business value 


Train teams in CX and apply co-creation thinking to break down silos and put the customer at the heart  

Help Your Brand Stand Out  Through Subject Matter Expertise

Analyst briefs, white papers, speaking engagaments and communications that push your CX message 


A CX design and research professional with a successful track record of developing best practice customer experience programmes.


I have directed and designed experience design and research projects for many leading brands with citations from Forrester and UK CX Awards.


I am at the cutting edge of Voice of the Customer,  Journey Management (including training) and UX research and writing. I regularly speak at conferences and have authored the book Customer Experience Management Rebooted (Palgrave). 

My focus:  delivering the most relevant customer centric methodologies, insights, and culture change activities.  I aim to help you deliver valuable experiences that reduce cost, drive revenue and differentiate your brand.


Steven Walden

CEO AllaboutExperience

Milton Keynes

Mobile: 07956 261109

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